Top 6 Best Programmable Coffee Maker Under $50

Are you looking for a coffee maker that gives you great taste at an affordable price? You should check these top six best programmable coffee makers under $50.

Coffee has become a part of our daily life, and whether it is morning or evening, we can not live without it. And since coffee is essential to us, we want to ensure that we get the perfect cup every time.

But buying a new coffee machine is not cheap, so we have put together this guide to help you choose the best programmable coffee maker under $50.

Do you love coffee but hate wasting time waiting for the water to boil? 

If so, you might consider investing in a programmable coffee maker. These machines allow you to brew multiple cups of coffee at once and also feature timers and alerts.

A programmable coffee maker allows you to set the amount of coffee needed, the temperature, and even the time it takes to brew. 

You do not have to wait for each coffee cup to finish brewing. Instead, you can press a button or two to start another batch.

The 6 Best Programmable Coffee Maker Under $50 Reviews

Are you looking for the best programmable coffee maker under $50? If yes, then you should read our article below. We have listed down the top six best programmable coffee makers under $50.

1- Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Machine

best programmable coffee maker under $50

Mr. Coffee Maker Features:

  • Brews hot water within 3-5 minutes.
  • The auto-pause feature allows coffee to finish brewing while you are busy doing something else.
  • Stainless steel construction ensures years of reliable service.
  • Dishwasher safe; top rack only.
  • Includes 1.0L stainless steel carafe with pouring spout.
  • The adjustable flow control valve allows for precise measurement of coffee grounds and water ratio.
  • The Built-in LED display shows the time remaining for each brew cycle.
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleanup.
  • The compact design fits easily on any countertop and it is the best programmable coffee maker under $50.

If you are looking for the best programmable coffee maker on the lower end of the price range. In that case, Mr. Coffee offers a great option in the 12-cup stainless steel model. This machine has auto pause and comes with a glass carafe.

The downside to this machine is that it only makes one cup at a time. Still, it does have an automatic shutoff timer so you can avoid overcooking your coffee. It is a great machine if you are short on space and want to throw away your old coffee maker.

This machine comes with all the bells and whistles, like auto pause and a glass carafe. Plus, it’s easy to lift and clean the filter basket for fast brewing. If you’re looking for a great coffee maker at an affordable price, then this is the machine for you.

2- Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Machine ( Best Programmable Coffee Maker )

best programmable coffee maker under $50

Hamilton Coffee Maker Features:

  • Set your preferred brewing strength before making each pot of coffee.
  • Program up to 12 brew options.
  • Precisely measure the number of coffee grounds you want based on the size of your mug.
  • Set the timer on your coffee maker up to 8 hours ahead of when you will be waiting for your morning caffeine boost.
  • Adjust water temperature.
  • Easy cleanup. No spills or drips.
  • No pre-grounding is required. Add grounds directly into the container, press start, and enjoy a freshly brewed cup.
  • Glass carafe and this is the best programmable coffee maker under $50
  • Comes ready to serve right away after the heating cycle ends.
  • The drip coffee maker shuts down automatically after two hours, so you do not have to worry about it.

Hamilton Beach is one of the most popular coffee makers today. The Hamilton Beach programmable coffee maker has various brewing options. The machine also has a glass carafe that makes it easy to enjoy your coffee without worrying about spills.

Enjoy your favorite coffee anytime, anywhere. The simple functionality of the Hamilton beach programmable coffee makers gives you an easy way to make a delicious cup of coffee. Without having to worry about grinding beans or prepping ground.

With 12 programmable options, including 6 different brewing styles, you can create just the perfect cup every single day. Plus, there are no buttons or dials to mess up. And simply set it and forget it.

3- Mixpresso Programmable Coffee Maker

best programmable coffee maker under $50

Mixpresso Coffee Maker Features:

  • Includes an 8-cup capacity single-serve brewer for premium espresso, cappuccino, or latte.
  • The built-in water tank provides fresh filtered water throughout the day.
  • A removable drip tray helps reduce messes around the house.
  • Single-serve brews 4 to 8 ounces of hot beverages.
  • Quickly cleans itself by removing the filter and draining it into the sink.
  • The water level indicator shows when water needs recharging.
  • The easy-to-read control panel lets you set time, temperature, volume, and more.
  • Compact size fits anywhere in your kitchen.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Do you love the taste of freshly brewed coffee but spend hours brewing it on the stove? The Mixpresso coffee maker programmable is perfect for you. This coffee maker includes a reusable and removable coffee filter.

You can easily create delicious cups of coffee even with limited counter space. Plus, this machine is programmable. So you can set it to start brewing your morning cup of joe automatically. Whether you are a busy professional or a single mom looking for an easy way to make great coffee on the go.

The Mixpresso coffee maker is perfect for you. Help yourself to cafe-quality coffee every morning. Whether brewing coffee for two or making enough coffee for family and friends.

4- Wirsh Programmable Timer Coffee Machine ( Best Programmable Coffee Makers )

best programmable coffee maker under $50

Wirsh Coffee Maker Features:

  • Make perfect cups of coffee with ease.
  • Set the amount of water, ground, and brewed time with our convenient electronic controls.
  • Brew’s single servings up to 10 ounces.
  • Comes with a 14-oz travel mug and reusable filter.
  • Compact storage tray fits easily into a backpack or purse.
  • Includes a handy storage container for your favorite cup. It is the best programmable coffee maker under $50.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display with large buttons makes it simple to adjust.

Looking for a coffee maker that not only makes perfect-tasting cups of coffee. But also has some extra features like a timer and an LCD display? The Wirsh Coffee Maker is perfect for you! This machine has a programmable timer and an LCD display to easily see the time and brewing status.

Plus, it comes with a 14 oz. Travel mug and reusable filter so you can ensure your coffee tastes how you want it to. Make your own perfect cup of coffee each morning with the new Wirsh single-cup coffee makers with a timer and LCD display. This is the best programmable coffee maker under $50.

The easy-to-use digital controls let you set the amount of water, grind, and brew time. Allowing you to make an espresso drink or pour over just enough coffee for a single serving. With a sleek design, the coffee machine includes a travel cup. Reusable filter and a compact storage tray to take anywhere.

5- Black And Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

best programmable coffee maker under $50

Black And Decker Coffee Maker Features:

  • Brews up to 24 cups.
  • Makes 5 different types of coffee, including espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, iced coffee, hot chocolate, and more.
  • Adjusts to your preferred strength level.
  • Holds the strength setting when the power goes out.
  • A drip tray allows easy disposal of grounds.
  • The compact design makes it ideal for travelling.

Looking for a coffee maker that does not break the bank? Consider the Black and Decker 12-cup programmable coffee maker. This machine is the best programmable coffee maker under $50 and features a variety of programming options to make your coffee just the way you like it.

It also has a water tank that is easy to fill and a compact design that makes it easy to store. The maker brews a rich cup of coffee in minimal time and is great for people on the run. Black and Decker have revolutionized the way we make coffee.

The new Black and Decker 12 cup programmable coffee maker brews up to 12 cups of fresh. Flavorful coffee using only water and ground coffee beans automatically adjusts to your favorite brewing strength level. It holds until you are ready to serve yourself a perfect cup.

This coffee maker lets you prepare any type of coffee, and you can set the time and temperature for each cup and have it delivered right into your mug. The drip tray lets you quickly dispose of grounds without lifting the lid. Plus, its compact design makes it ideal for travel.

6- Capresso 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker ( Best Small Programmable Coffee Maker )

best programmable coffee maker under $50

Capresso Coffee Maker Features:

  • Easy to control via touch screen or buttons.
  • Adjustable strength coffee beans.
  • Brews up to five cups of coffee.
  • Filter included.
  • Includes grinder & mug.
  • Delivers hot and strong coffee.
  • Conveniently located on top for easy access.
  • The water tank holds up to 100 ounces.
  • Capacity 10oz.
  • BPA free.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Looking for a great programmable coffee maker under $50? Look no further than the Capresso 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker. This machine features a hotplate that stays on for 2 hours and then automatically turns off, making it one of the most convenient machines on the market.

Its easy-to-use keypad allows you to make your coffee exactly how you like it. Whether you are in the mood for a quick cup or an extended stay with your java. Programmable coffee makers are now an essential part of every household thanks to their ability to make delicious cup after cup of hot coffee without fuss.

The best programmable coffee maker under $50 is arguably the most convenient way to enjoy your morning cup of joe. It lets you set how much water and coffee grounds you want to brew into each cup. Plus, you can adjust the strength of your coffee and allow time for brewing too!

With many different options available, including espresso, latte, cappuccino, filter, carafe, and more, there is no shortage of ways to customize your perfect cup of java.

Best Programmable Coffee Maker under 50 dollars – Buying Guide

We have covered you whether you are looking for an espresso machine or a drip coffee maker. Our buying guide will help you decide what type of coffee maker is right for you.

The best programmable coffee makers offer features that allow you to set timers and brew multiple cups at once. And even track how much water you use.

Espresso Machine VS Drip Coffee Maker

If you prefer espresso drinks, you will need an espresso machine. These machines heat water up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) and then force it through ground beans. They also feature steam injection technology, which allows them to produce more consistent shots than other methods.

Which Type of Coffee Maker Is Right For You?

Drip coffee makers use gravity to pull hot water through ground coffee beans. This method produces a more vital shot than espresso machines because the pressure isn’t as high. However, drip coffee makers tend to take longer to brew than espresso machines.

Espresso Machine VS Drip Coffee Maker

A simple espresso machine might be enough if you’re just starting with coffee. These machines are typically easier to operate than drip coffee makers, allowing you to control how much water is added to the beans. However, espresso machines tend to be more expensive than drip coffee makers.

Buying Tips

A programmable coffee maker allows you to set up multiple timers and brew different amounts at different times. This makes it easy to make coffee when you wake up, before work, after work, or even while you sleep. You can also use a programmable coffee maker to make other beverages, such as tea, hot chocolate, or milk.

How Much Do You Spend On Coffee Each Year?

Coffee consumption can cost anywhere from nothing at the counter to hundreds per month. Many coffee drinkers spend between $30-$400 daily on their brew. There are many different coffee makers today, but the best programmable coffee maker under 50 dollars is usually the simplest to operate.

How Much Coffee Do You Drink Per Day?

The number one rule for buying a coffee maker is that you should only buy a machine if you drink at least four cups of coffee per day. A coffee grinder helps grind beans into powder to brew coffee. There are many different types of coffee makers you can buy.

All coffee makers work the same way, but they vary from each other based on their design and features. When looking for a coffee maker, you should consider its efficiency, price range, ease of use, durability, quality, and size.

Determine Your Needs And Budget 

Once you have determined how much you spend on coffee each month, it’s time to figure out what type of machine you want. Are you looking for something simple that makes excellent drinks for the price, or are you going for a fancy espresso machine that serves lattes and cappuccinos?

Once you have figured this out, it’s time for your budget. How much money are you willing to spend on a coffee machine? Try sticking around that number since there are tons of options that fall within that range.

Consider Features And Functionality

You’ll want to look into any appliance’s features and functionality. Most coffee machines have a timer, and some allow users to customize their settings. In contrast, others are designed to automatically adjust themselves. When you purchase a machine, you want to ensure it works well and suits your needs.

Size Of Your Kitchen Space

If you plan to use this machine daily, the bigger, the better. If you plan to use it occasionally, the smaller sizes are ideal. It would be easier to store a small coffee maker than a big one. So the decision boils down to whether you want to invest in a large or compact capacity.

Power Consumption

This measures the amount of electricity needed to run the machine. Most machines require 100 Watts or less. However, this is dependent on the brand and model you purchase. To calculate how much energy coffee makers consume, multiply the wattage by the hour duration.

For example, a machine that consumes 300 Watt-hours per week will cost around 1,500 dollars annually. This does not include the initial investment of purchasing the device itself.

Price and warranty

The best coffee maker brands offer two years warranties and prices ranging between $100 – $350. An additional five years warranty costs around $25. Although some models come with a lifetime warranty, it is rare. After the first two years, the warranty period becomes void.

Read Reviews

Reviews are essential when it comes to purchasing a new coffee maker. After all, you only want to invest in a piece of equipment that will work perfectly for you and your family.

See user reviews on popular websites like Amazon and see what they say about the specific model. They should give you an idea of whether the machine is worth spending your money on.


If you are looking for the best programmable coffee maker under $50. Our top six picks are a great place to start. With different features and prices, there is something for everyone. So whether you are in the market for your first machine or just want to upgrade your current one, these machines will have everything you need and more.


Here are some questions you might ask yourself and answers. You might give yourself to help you solve your problem and choose the best programmable coffee maker under $50.

What is the best budget coffee maker?

There are many great budget coffee makers on the market today. Some of the best include the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, the Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, and the 12-cup programmable coffee maker. These three coffee makers are affordable, easy to use, and have various features that make them excellent choices for budget-minded consumers.

Which coffee maker is best for home use?

There are a few different coffee makers that are great for home use. Some of the best include the single-serve coffee maker, the Mr. Coffee coffee maker, and the Hamilton beach 12-cup programmable coffee maker.

What is the difference between a cheap coffee maker and an expensive one?

A cheap coffee maker will likely not have the same quality of coffee as an expensive one. A costly coffee maker may have automatic brewing or a built-in grinder.

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